Established in 2007, Sambhali Trust presently incorporates 19 projects, all of which help to empower women and girls to break their cycle of poverty and financial dependence on family members. Our projects include Empowerment Centres, Primary Education Centres and Boarding Homes enabling girls to receive a quality education in Jodhpur, and a project organising sponsorship for 170 children to attend school. These projects are helping to drive change in the attitudes of the Rajasthani communities, and are empowering women and girls to believe in themselves and to work towards individual goals.

As Sambhali Trust is a non-profit organisation, profits from any of its projects are used to support the organisation’s other programmes and activities.

Empowerment Centres and Self-Help Groups

Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Centre Sambhali Abhivyakti Empowerment Centre
Sambhali Abhaya Empowerment Centre Sambhali Fatima Empowerment Centre
Sambhali Shakti Empowerment Centre Sambhali Laadli Empowerment Centre
Sambhali Setrawa 1 Empowerment Centre Sambhali Sheerni SHG Project


Sambhali Scholarship Project Sambhali Sheerni Educational Project
Sambhali Laadli Girls Home Sambhali Fatima Primary Education Centre
Sambhali Shakti Primary Education Centre Sambhali Laadli Primary Education Centre
Sambhali Setrawa 2 Primary Education Centre Sambhali No Bad Touch Project

Sewing Centres

Sambhali Graduates' Sewing Centre 1 Sambhali Graduates' Sewing Centre 2

SOS Project

Sambhali SOS Project Nirbhaya Helpline